IWI®原創力文具 --『用心寫的,最溫暖!』







IWI original stationery


International Writing Instrument Corp. (IWI) specializes in stationery manufacturing and exportation since 1985. We provide a wide range of writing instruments with distinctive features and quality, our products are imported to over 80 countries around the world, but not including Taiwan.

In 2015, we decided to bring our passion and prospect of stationery to a higher level, so IWI original stationery line was born, and this time, we start from our homeland Taiwan.


IWI integrates native elements with foreign culture to give each of our creation soul and uniqueness. And we believe in the concept of “offering great quality products with reasonable prices”. We hope our clients can easily choose a favorite pen following their heart, and use it to pass the warmth and the power of hand-writing.

We invite you to join our original stationery world, and enjoy the pure spirit of writing.


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