Multi611 多功能筆 貝多芬250周年誕辰紀念版

Multi611 ver. 250th Anniversary of Beethoven's Birth Limited Edition

● Multifunction pen (Ballpen1.0mm/Pencil0.5mm)

● H138mm x W12mm x D9mm 

● 搭配金屬D1短筆芯(黑/紅)

  D1 refill(black/red)


 [ 360度旋轉 ] 


 [ 360 Rotation ] 

 [ 內含3種筆芯 ] 


​[ Multifunction pen ]

 [內附橡皮擦 ] 


[ Eraser]

 [ 三款設計] 


​[ 3 Designs ]


Multi 611貝多芬250周年誕辰紀念版除了保留Multi 611原本簡潔的外型,搭配水滴形狀的造型筆夾,兼具獨特性與美感,更在筆身上印上貝多芬的多個經典樂曲手稿:包含《D小調第九號交響曲「合唱」, Op. 124》;《升c小調第十四號鋼琴奏鳴曲「月光」, Op. 27/2》;《F大調第五號小提琴奏鳴曲「春」, Op. 24》。是一款給熱愛音樂的你,最經典且具有收藏意義的獨特禮物。



Multi 611 250th Anniversary of Beethoven's Birth Limited Edition is a stylish 3-in-1 multi-function pen with simple and classic design, and now IWI puts the hand-written script of Beethoven's 3 most classic operations on its pen body, which includes:《Symphony No. 9 in D minor, "Choral", Op. 125》; 《Piano Sonata No. 14 in C# minor, "Moonlight", Op. 27, No. 2》; 《Violin Sonata No. 5 in F major, “Spring”, Op. 24》. This is a meaningful and great collection for your passion for classical music.


With 360 degree twisting system, you can easily select the function by aligning the pen clip with the 3 different marks -Black, Red, and 0.5mm- on the pen body. This is a daily necessity for note-taking, and it included Black ball point, Red ball point, 0.5 mm mechanical pencil, and eraser.

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