糖果吧商務系列 原子筆

Candy bar ver.B.S.

● Ballpen (0.7mm)

● H137mm x W12mm x D9mm 

● 搭配塑膠派克原子筆芯

  Plastic Parker type refill


 [ 轉動機芯 ] 


 [ Easy twist ] 

 [ 不對稱髮絲紋 ] 


​[ Brushed surface ]

 [ 彈性筆夾 ] 


[ Elastic clip]


Candy Bar 糖果吧原子筆的靈感來自於西方婚禮中任賓客取用的夢幻糖果吧。簡單卻不俗套的外型設計,搭配IWI開發的EASY TWIST轉動機心,以及超滑順0.7mm細字原子筆芯,非常適合用做筆記書寫用途,金屬彈性筆夾也很適合搭配各種筆記本或資料夾搭配使用。

Candy Bar ver. B.S.(商務系列),使用不對稱的手工拋光髮絲紋處理+不鏽鋼原色與槍色電鍍兩種不同的色系,搭配亮鉻、黑鉻或是槍色配件,彰顯使用者個性十足的一面,是一款適合各種休閒、商務、聚會、會議場合的筆款。

IWI original stationery metal ball pen “Candy Bar”, which was inspired by wedding candy bar, where you take all kinds of flavors and kinds of candies and cookies as many as you want.With IWI’s special “EASY TWIST” mechanism and tungsten carbide 0.7mm ball, this smooth writing ball pen is very comfortable and suitable for everyday writing. Plus, the metal elastic clip which makes this pen a great partner for many notebooks.

Made by manual brushing process for its asymmetrical brushed lines on the surface, this stainless steel based Candy Bar has shown characters. Matching with gun metal or black chrome electro-plating trims, it is an outstanding choice for business occasions. It is very suitable for leisure, business, conference occasions.

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