基礎系列 鋼筆/鋼珠筆


● Rollerball pen(0.6mm)

● H138.3mm x W12.9mm x D10.6mm 

● 搭配德國史密特原裝888F細字0.6mm筆芯

  Made-in-Germany schmidt 888F 


 [ 德國進口鋼筆尖 ] 


 [ EF nib by Peter bock ] 

 [ 德國史密特鋼珠筆芯 ] 


​[ Made-In-Germany

Schmidt 888F roller refill ]

 [數種紋路飾件 ] 


[ Decorated with textured PU, carbon fiber, and glass fiber ]

 [彈性筆夾 ] 


[ Elastic clip ]


● Fountain pen (EF Nib)

● H138.3mm x W12.9mm x D10.6mm 

● 搭配卡水或吸墨器

  Cartridge or Converter

Essential 意為本質、精華、必需、基礎。IWI Essential基礎系列鋼珠筆/鋼筆,正是由此概念延伸而出;我們用俐落的線條,簡單的色彩,回歸書寫的本質。點綴於筆管上的飾件,有數種紋路,碳纖維,玻璃纖維可選,提供極佳的質感,非常適合各種商務、休閒、會議場合使用。


鋼珠筆採用德國史密特SCHMIDT原裝888F細字0.6mm鋼珠筆芯;鋼筆則採用德國原裝進口的PETER BOCK極細EF鋼筆尖以及歐洲進口墨水,將優質良好的書寫性最大化。

Essential means “a basic thing that you cannot live without”, following this concept, IWI has newly built a very simple, basic, great writing instrument for our customers. Slim and simple, the shape of IWI Essential series is piece of art. By using Made-In-Germany Schmidt 888F smooth writing roller refill, which is very suitable for everyday writing. Plus, Made-In-Germany Peter Bock nibs has given this unique fountain pen a perfect writing quality, the selected EF size nib is super comfortable for multiple usages such as note keeping, daily writing, drawing, architecture and numerous others with creation and innovation.

Decorated with textured PU, carbon fiber, and glass fiber, Essential provides great potential to become one of your favorite daily companion for numerous business and private occasions.

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