手稿系列(經典版) 鋼筆

​Handscript Classic

● Fountain pen (EF Nib)

● H124mm x W13mm x D10.6mm 

● 搭配卡水或吸墨器

  Cartridge or Converter


 [ 德國進口鋼筆尖 ] 


 [ EF nib by Peter bock ] 

 [ 金屬刻紋 ] 


​[ Engraved pattern ]

 [ 彈性筆夾 ] 


[ Elastic clip]

 [ 全黑色系 ] 


[ Pure black ]

手稿鋼筆特別設計的短筆身讓書寫更加輕鬆無負擔。簡練的外型搭配全金屬幾何紋路雕刻筆身,極致黑塗層處理,搭配IWI委託世界頂級鋼筆尖生產商PETER BOCK於德國生產的全黑塗裝極細EF鋼筆尖,適合筆記,日記,繪圖,工程設計,中文與各國文字書寫等多種用途,是一款讓喜愛書寫的人都能輕鬆擁有的私藏品。

Handscript Classic – Pure Black

Handscript is specially designed with short and light body, which allows users to enjoy the writing with no burden. Now it comes with geometric engraved fully metal body, pure black coating, and Made-In-Germany Peter Bock nibs in pure black. It’s a pure design of your unique spirit.


Made-In-Germany Peter Bock nibs has given this unique fountain pen a perfect writing quality, the selected EF size nib is super comfortable for multiple usages such as note keeping, daily writing, drawing, architecture and numerous others with creation and innovation. It is a fountain pen for passionate hand-writing groups of people.

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