S.A.W. note

● 防水紙張 / 100% water-proof 

● A5(145x210mm) 

● 96 sheets

● 7mm ruled


 [ 隱藏圖案 ] 


 [ Story comes up under sunshin ] 


SAW來自於陽光(Sun)、空氣(Air)、水(Water)三個字的字首縮寫。是一款不受天氣、時間、地點影響,隨時隨地都可以使用的筆記本。簡單的幾何圖案設計搭配特殊製程,簡單的將筆記本置於豔陽下就會出現另一種風貌,展現出全然不同的趣味與故事性。SAW NOTE另一特點是100%防水,不怕濕、不怕髒、不會輕易損壞。

SAW NOTE適合各年齡層使用,不限時間、地點,可以陪你上山下海,一同看見更多不同的風景,紀錄生命中的每時每刻。

SAW note is from the initials of Sun, Air, and Water. It’s a magical notebook with story and surprise, simply put this notebook under the sunshine and the secret lies under the cover will show up gradually. The stronger sun it is, the colors on the book cover shows up. SAW note is a 100% water-proof notebook which you can sink it into water for more than days. You can take it with you to a forest or a beach without worrying the humidity or water splashes. It’s also great in the office for your coffee/tea accidents, or many other scenes that you can ever imagine.


Three different scenes (stories) are available in the collection:

  1. in the FOREST: Danger lies behind the deer! Who’s there in their back??!!

  2. under the SEA: See who is spying these colorful fishes??!!

  3. above the SKY: There is a “Big Bird” coming, watch out!!


Any weather, any time, any location, write freely under all conditions.

 [ 100% 防水 ] 


 [ 100% Water-proof ] 

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